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Artificial Intellect Makes Miracles While Diagnosing Diseases

Artificial Intellect

Applying the artificial intellect in the medicine allows increasing the accuracy of the diagnosing and eases the life of patients with various diseases. Besides with the development of the technologies the appearance of super effective individualized drugs may become real. Another idea is the creation of personal medical assistant in each smartphone.

Past and future

At the beginning of the 21st century the common project of Washington University, Intel and Elite Care became the brightest event in the sphere of projecting the systems of artificial intellect. The program was created to help those who suffer from Alzheimer to improve their lives. This system can help people to recover the necessary skills for everyday tasks.

The developers have already created three devices: each of them performs certain functions. The first one helps to navigate and find the way to the destination even if the person forgot where to go. For this purpose the device should know everything what the patient does. The second device monitors the everyday activity and notices unusual behavior, but first the system should learn what the normal one is. The third invention helps with some tasks on the kitchen, for example, with cooking.

However, since 2002 technologies made an immense step forward and some IT-giants and even countries joined the programs of the development of the artificial intellect. As they promise, in the nearest future it will be possible to use precision medicine in order to prescribe the individual treatment for every person taking into consideration the unique genetic and other peculiarities.

In the USA it was announced the launch of pilot projects on the development of precision medicine. Till 2019 they should select 1 million of volunteers who will participate in the special research. It is supposed to show the connection between the way of life, environment, economical and social status, genetics and the state of health. The data received after the investigation will be analyzed with the help of artificial intellect.

Super effective drugs

AI will help biopharmaceutics to optimize the processes of creation and applying the new medicine. According to the biopharmaceutical company Berg the investigation of one drug takes about 14 years and $2.6 milliards. Such time and money expenditures make the companies to be elective while developing the drugs. However, with the help of AI it is possible to shorten both time and money spent on the research at least twice. Berg assures that this way they may select 25 new aims for treating to make the drugs more effective.

With the help of another artificial intellect Emergent the researchers managed to allocate five new biomarkers with may help with treating glaucoma. According to the scientists, the system has been filling with more than 600 000 specific DNA chains of 2.3 million of patients to figure out the genetic interaction.

Scientists from West Ontario University are sure that AI is a powerful tool for diagnosing the results of using various medicines because artificial intellect analyzes all the interacting elements during the treatment. In particular, during the research it was predicted which of the patients with diagnosed breast cancer will feel better after the chemotherapy with the application of paclitaxel.

Diagnosing of the diseases

It is expected that AI will become irreplaceable during the diagnosing the diseases. Due to the ability to compare the info, gather and synthesize it, the participance of artificial intellect may improve the statistics of doctors’ mistakes and enhance the role of prophylactics and prevention the illnesses via the technological observation of the patient. The companies working on such issues attract investors’ attention a lot.

For example, one Israel company with only 20 workers in 2016 got $2 million from investors. Thanks to the new technology using AI and Big Data doctors will be able to diagnose the blood stroke more effectively: in the real time the system compares the brain scan of the patient with hundreds of other patients scans stored in the sharepoint.

It is a well-known fact that blood stroke may be caused by two reasons: massive cerebral hemorrhaging or thrombus. Each of these two cases requires different treatment. However, according to the statistics, regardless of the achievements in the cardio vascular diseases treatment, the number of wrong diagnosing during the last 30 years didn’t change. Almost in every third case the patient is prescribed the incorrect treatment that may lead to a very negative resut. So the system developed by Israel researchers will be able to notice the slightest abnormalities which can’t be always detected by the specialists minimizing the chance of mistake.

Mobile AI

Artificial intellect in the smartphone will make the medicine available for everyone: every user will have personal medical assistant which will be able to solve the health issues in the real time.

Till now there were no technologies of the necessary level, although it seems that scientists are on the verge of the solution of this problem. That basically involves the invention of a new microprocessor Eyeriss for mobile phones. It is created on the principle of the neural networks, consumes much less energy, but 10 times more powerful than standard microprocessors. This way smartphone with Eyeriss may work in autonomous mode without internet connection and use the possibilities of AI. However, it’s far from industrial scale.

Another prototype of personal medical assistant is the mobile app from British company Your.MD. The AI system connects to the biggest in the world map of sympthom sand allows the user to say, for example, “I have a headache” and ask how to treat it. The app may learn and becomes smarter if it is often used.

American startup Aicure uses AI to control consuming of the medicine via a camera in the smartphone.

There are a lot of other apps and hopefully some day they will grant people’s health and wellbeing a lot. We don’t know yet when the AI will become good enough to give 100% correct pieces of advice concerning the treatment, although they are able to ease the work of doctors, increase the accuracy of diagnosing and help the patients to solve everyday tasks even now.

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